Niagara Falls

This is one of the more cliche tourist destinations, but it still worth visiting at least once in your life. The majesty and power of the falls need to be experienced in person to fully appreciate. Watching the mist rise up, catch the sun and throw a rainbow over the falls is truly unforgetable. While the US side is a […]

Monument Valley, Utah

When traveling through the Southwest, you should definitely take the time to drive through Monument Valley, located on the Utah-Arizona state line near Four Corners. Monument Valley is within the Navajo Nation Reservation. Monument Valley has been made famous as the location of countless Western films, most notably by director John Ford. In fact, Ford made so many films in […]

Mystic, Connecticut

A short drive from New York City is the charming town of Mystic, Connecticut. It is home to a world class aquarium, historic seaport, quaint downtown, as well as outstanding outlet shopping. Originally inhabited by the Pequot people, the first English settlements began in Mystic in the 1640’s. Today there are three historic districts: the Mystic Bridge District, Rossie Velvet […]

Pemaquid Point, Maine

A 20-minute drive down the Pemaquid peninsula from the quaint Maine village of Damariscotta is a breathtaking spot that leaves an indelible impression on all who visit. The Pemaquid Lighthouse, which should be familiar to the keen observer from it’s appearance on the Maine quarter, has stood on this rocky point since 1827. The grounds house a small (but fascinating!) […]